UnLimited Media is a London-based company that champions and supports the content, culture, communication and music industries through media, research and training, educational initiatives, and live events.

We co-founded and co-own CMU, helping people to navigate and understand the music business. We also co-founded and co-own ThisWeek Culture, championing the very best in fringe theatre, comedy and culture.

We also co-founded the Pathways Into Music Foundation, which seeks to build connections between the music industry and music education.

UnLimited Media brings together various projects and ventures co-founded by editor, journalist and media entrepreneur Chris Cooke, who is Managing Director of the company, and who also provides expertise in content, culture, communication and music to other businesses.

The CMU and ThisWeek teams are leading experts on the music and cultural industries; on creating, editing and publishing great content; on curating, staging and hosting great events; and on the very latest trends and developments in content, culture, communication and music.

Read on for more information about CMU, Pathways Into Music and ThisWeek Culture, and then CLICK HERE to read more about some of our past and current projects and programmes.

CMU helps people to navigate and understand the music business through media, training, consultancy and events.

Our media includes the CMU Daily bulletin, Setlist podcast and the CMU Pro membership offering. We offer our own music business training programme and deliver training courses for music companies and organisations.

Our consultancy work sees us provide strategic support, intelligence and expertise to a wide range of clients in the UK, EU and around the world.

We also regularly produce and publish research reports and white papers on the very latest trends in the music business.

The Pathways Into Music Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that supports music educators and music talent development programmes.

It also seeks to connect all the different strands of music education with all the different strands of the music industry.

Our research works maps music careers, music education and the music industry, identifying the knowledge and information early-career music-makers need access to, and the people and organisations able to provide it.

We also offer an education and mentoring programme for DIY Phase artists delivered in partnership with talent development organisations, and run a professional development programme for music educators.

ThisWeek Culture champions the best in fringe theatre, comedy and culture, year-round in London and online, and each August at the Edinburgh Festival.

We do this through our TW Weekly bulletin, which recommends the best in culture in London and beyond every Monday morning, alongside interviews with our favourite performers, producers, writers and directors.

Each August we put the spotlight on the Edinburgh Festival via ThreeWeeks Edinburgh, which has been covering the world’s biggest cultural event since 1996 with its reviews, interviews and Three To See recommendations.

And on top of all that, we are currently developing new resources and events to help people learn about and navigate the culture business.